Henny’s Poodles

hennys poodles logoWe would like to welcome Henny & Alex to the Nexus managed client list.

Henny and Alex breed AKC toy and miniature poodles. Check out their site which is being ported over to a wordpress backend so Alex can easily update with their new pups and comments from their highly satisfied customers.



Praying For Peyton


We just got tagged to design a site for the Arens family. Jim & Kate’s son, Peyton, has been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer and they wanted a site to bring awareness to childhood cancers and raise money in Peyton’s name to the St. Baldricks Foundation.

I am very pleased with how the site turned out.  It’s a single page site but has a lot of content that Jim has compiled during this dark time.



Tulsa Wiring

If you’re in need for a reliable local Tulsa wiring contractor for your Cat 5 or CCTV wiring then you should check out Cam Technologies.

Jimmie and all of his employees at CamTech do fantastic clean work. We’ve seen firsthand proof of that. So if you are looking for someone to wire, install and setup a CCTV surveillance system then give CamTech a call at 918-688-8860 or visit their website http://camtechtulsa.com


The Petrous Group

We uploaded the new website for The Petrous Group Wednesday night. Thanks to them, CamTech and Paul Marsh for choosing Nexus for their web services.

The Petrous Group is a Tulsa OK based real estate company that handles development, management, brokerage and whole list of other services. Check em out.

Rupe Building Company

Nexus has just uploaded the new Rupe Building Company site. This was a little different in that we partnered with Paul Marsh of Marsh Studios here in Tulsa. Mr. Marsh came up with the design and graphics and we coded the site for the internet. I feel this turned out very well and will be working with Paul on more projects in the near future.

If you need any design work I would suggest you contact Marsh Studios as their quality has been top notch.

Thanks to John Rupe Jr and all at Rupe Building Company for including us in this project.

Founders Tower

When Founders Tower in Oklahoma City needs their website updated, they contact Nexus Solutions.

Founders Tower is a great luxurious condominium high rise. It has just recently been renovated and looks awesome. I would recommend anyone in the OKC area looking for a place to live to check them out.

OCE Mechanical

As mentioned in this Oil Capital Electric post, Nexus has completed the site for OCE Mechanical, the mechanical/plumbing division of Oil Capital Electric. Thanks for the opportunity OCE!


As mentioned in our Nexus News OKBlackbook.com is the newest joint venture being undertaken by Nexus. Roy Lollis, a real estate broker from Century21 contacted Nexus to help them bring their idea to reality.

OkBlackbook.com is a directory of service providers in Oklahoma broken down into the county level.

Nexus News

Some exciting news for Nexus Solutions is happening. We have partnered with Century21 and Roy Lollis (Real Estate Broker) to create a great web site for the Oklahoma real estate world.

OKBlackbook.com will be web’s best resource for real estate services in Oklahoma. Roy was referred to Nexus by Erick Randleman, another Realtor® for northeastern Oklahoma. After a lunch meeting to gather the information of what was wanted, we started working.

OKBlackbook.com is a directory of businesses and more broken down to the 77 counties in Oklahoma. Realtors®, Contractors, Bankers, Closing Companies, and more can easily be located through the site. In the near future properties will be listed as well. This is going to be a great project for Nexus.

Thanks Roy and Erick for choosing Nexus for this venture.

Thinking of a Web Site?

We help a lot of our clients with their internet needs. I thought we would make this post to help you with the how, what, and why’s of a web site.

There are 2 items you need to have a web site:

Domain Name

The domain name is what you type in to visit your web site (ie: google.com). We prefer name.com for our domain registrations. They are very reliable and affordable ($10/year). Try to get your domain as a .com and register the .net and .org as well.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is in essence the computer where you will be storing your files for your web site. There are many types of web hosts and types available to choose from. Shared hosting is the cheapest route but you are sharing the computer with many other people. This can sometimes create problems with your site getting hacked. The next step up is a Virtual Private Server or VPS for short. A VPS is probably the best bet for any business getting their web presence started. It offers a competitive price to the shared hosting and also the safety and security of being the only account on a virtual machine. Nexus uses and recommends ServInt.net for VPS hosting.

At Nexus Solutions we can guide you and your business all along the way to getting your web site up and onto the internet. Just contact us and let us know what you need.